Do You Really NEED a Close Up Magician?

magician in london shocking party guests

Do You Really NEED a Close Up Magician?

Of course not!

You also don’t need those fancy salmon & truffle canapés either, but you got them.


Not because the party would be worse without them, but because it’s better with them!


Do Magicians Make it Better?

There are far more parties & functions throughout the country that don’t have a magician at them than ones which do.

Are these events worse off as a result?

Not necessarily.

It would be difficult to prove if they were, especially if everyone had a perfectly pleasant time chatting to people they know, making small talk with the ones they don’t, and drinking to fill the inevitable awkward pauses.


Everybody Agrees

How many parties have you been to where, at some point during the evening, you’ve thought to yourself ‘I could be in bed watching videos of cats on my phone right now’.

As it turns out, the vast majority of parties could definitely be improved with the presence of a magician.

How do I know this?

I often ask whoever booked me for the event I’m performing at if they’ve seen a magician in person before, and they usually have.

Once you’ve experienced close up magic for yourself, you’re unlikely to be anything less than a lifelong fan.

I rarely hear of somebody organising a party, booking a magician, and wishing afterwards that the magician hadn’t attended.

Buyer’s remorse doesn’t seem to exist when it comes to magic!


The Purpose of a Party

The purpose of any party, function, or social event is (for the most part) to have a good time and enjoy yourself…

…isn’t it?

Could you not also enjoy yourself for a couple of hours with a bag of popcorn and a film? How much better could standing up all evening in uncomfortable shoes be?

A film costs much less and you won’t be regretting it in the morning!

Yes, of course the time at the party is (hopefully) fun in and of itself, but enjoying the party is only the second most important bit.

The most important bit of these events is remembering them when they’ve finished.


Why a Magician is Worth it

A truly fantastic party is cherished & talked about for weeks, months, even (if you book me ;)) years to come.

This is why you spend the extra money on things like the food, the venue, and – the part that will be remembered the most – the entertainment.

The homepage of my website doesn’t say ‘unforgettable’ for nothing – I don’t take that word lightly.

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