More Than Just Entertainment

Hire close up magician, Marco, to make your party

magician in london crossing arms

More Than Just Entertainment

Hire close up magician, Marco, to make your party unforgettable

magician in london crossing arms

Frequently Asked Questions

How far will Marco travel for an event?
Anywhere in the South-East UK and London, including: Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Surrey. If he’s available for your event, he’ll be there.

How do I go about booking Marco?
Fill out the contact form providing as much information as you can such as type of performance, location, number of people attending the event, length of performance, and any special requests. Marco will then get back to you within the next 24 hours.

Does Marco do children’s parties? While Marco performs at events with families attending, he does not perform at children’s parties.

What types of tricks does Marco do?
For close-up, all the magic is revolved around ordinary objects which Marco either brings with him or borrows. It’s impossible to list all of the objects Marco can do tricks with here, but a good majority of the tricks you will see use cards, coins, rubber bands, pens, rings, bank notes, business cards – the list is endless. Marco tries to add variety to his performances so that one group will see tricks with several different objects.

Does Marco need anything set up for you in order to perform?
No. Most of Marco’s repertoire happens either in his hands or in the hands of the guests. It’s ideally suited to a mix and mingle-type setting. As your magician, Marco can perform at the tables during a party but it’s not necessary to set anything up for him to amaze and entertain your guests.

Is Marco a member of The Magic Circle? Yes, he is.

Is Marco insured? Yes, he has public liability insurance for up to £10 million.

How does Marco integrate into an event? It depends on the event itself. At a seated event, such as a dinner party, he will go from table to table and perform for a short amount of time at each, making sure he gets round to all of the attendees. If the guests are standing, he will go from group to group.

How much does Marco charge?
Fees are dependent upon a number of factors, all of which are covered on the contact form under the Contact tab, above. It depends on where the event is, travel time, and how long you’d like Marco to join you, which in turn is dependent on how many people will be there. Pricing for professional entertainment such as magic is based upon several different factors because of this, accurate pricing cannot be made until Marco knows a little about your event such as: location, number of people attending the event, length of the event, and any special requests.

What Marco’s customers are saying

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Get in Touch

Due to the fact that weekend dates are more popular than others, Marco only has a limited amount of dates available throughout the next 3 to 6 months.

Marco is receiving enquiries every day and these dates are being snapped up as you’re reading this. Send Marco a few details about your event and he will respond within 24 hours.

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