Magic Life Hacks #2 – Secret Methods For Winning At Life

Magic Life Hacks #2 – Secret Methods For Winning At Life


Magic life hack #2: Conquer your to-do list by removing tasks, not adding them.

Can you tell I love being counter-intuitive?


Life Can Feel Overwhelming

Do you sometimes get that feeling at the end of the day where you look at your to-do list and think: ‘What?? There’s even MORE on it than when I started!?’

It’s incredibly frustrating & demotivating when your to-do list grows ever longer, no matter how much you feel like you’re progressing through it.

Well, there is a way you can alleviate this feeling.


How Do You Decrease the Overwhelm?

Now, your to-do list is probably full of all sorts of things, from ‘buy milk’, ‘sort out life’.

As you can probably tell, the actual work that goes into these varies wildly, so we’re going to need split your tasks up into different lists.

‘How many lists?’ I hear you cry out in excitement.

Well, that depends on how many different categories of task you have on your list.

However, most can be divided into one of the following five: Personal, Financial, Health, Career, Educational.

Here are a few examples of these:

If you have going for a run or to the gym on your list, that’s a health goal.

Reading a (non-fiction) book? Educational goal.

Completing a work assignment? Career goal.

By neatly assorting your various to-dos into these categories with your end goals in mind, you’ve already motivated yourself more towards getting them done, because you’ve outlined the specific benefits.

Instead of ‘Argh I need to get this ticked off the list’, it’s ‘Ooh, if I get this done, I’ll be moving closer to [insert a personal/financial/health/career/educational goal here]!’


The Thing That Makes This Easy

Oh, and here’s the rub: you only need to get just ONE thing (minimum) from each list ticked off daily.

That way, you know for sure that you have progressed in every significant area of your life, each and every day!

And make sure you record its completion once you’ve done it.

So, instead of one HUGE to-do list staring at you menacingly as the day goes on, you will instead have five, six, or any number of ‘mini’ to-do lists (which, let’s be honest, also sounds much friendlier).

What’s more is that each list will be linked to an end goal that you’ve defined yourself, serving as motivation for why you’re doing it in the first place.

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