Magic Life Hacks – Secret Methods For Winning At Life

Magic Life Hacks – Secret Methods For Winning At Life


Being a close up magician means I have to be my own boss.

And being my own boss has taught me a thing or two about getting important stuff done.

Because if I don’t keep myself motivated, who else will?

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Magic life hack #1: Making excuses is a good thing.


How can that be?

Don’t they hinder your progress and hold you back from doing what you know you should be doing?

If left to run wild, yes they do.

But I’m going to show you how to use them to your advantage so they actually help you get that pesky task done!

There’s nothing inherently wrong with making an excuse for why you can’t (or simply don’t want to) make a start on an unpleasant or arduous task.

It’s your mind’s way of protecting its sanity & happiness.

Or so it believes.



The Gym Example

Let’s look at an example: you want (and possibly need) to go to the gym.

I can already hear the excuses barrelling towards me.

‘I don’t have time’

‘I’ll go tomorrow’

‘I don’t want to get too bulky’ (what?!)

Here’s how you turn these un-motivating excuses into motivating stimulants.

Take all of your excuses you have for not getting a task done and write (or type) them out.

Then, consider the most likely outcome that will occur after each excuse.



Be Honest With Yourself

Continuing with the gym example:

Are you really going to feel like it more tomorrow?

Are you really going to get unattractively muscle-bound?

Deep down, you know that your excuses are just that – excuses – and not valid reasons for not being able to do something.

So what’s the likely outcome with these excuses?

That’s right – you won’t go tomorrow.

You’ll feel just as demotivated as you do today, as you’ll feel tomorrow, and the next day, and so on.

With this in mind, the last thing for you to do is imagine the worst possible results that accompany not doing this task.

Keep these as realistic as you can.

For the gym example (assuming you want to go to the gym due to lack of regular exercise): you’ll become less and less fit until you can barely climb up your own stairs.

That’s the likely reality if you keep pretending you’ll feel more like going tomorrow.

This technique works for everything, not just for going to the gym.



3 Simple Steps

So, the next time you have an undesirable task that needs doing and you feel an excuse coming on, use this plan:

Write out your excuses.

Be honest with yourself about what you’ll end up doing instead.

– Imagine the worst-case scenario if the task doesn’t get done.

This will help you reach your ultimate reason for wanting to do the task in the first place, and reward you with a burst of incentive to actually get started.

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