Magician Myth-busting (Part 2)

Magician Myth-busting (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1, here are 5 more magician ‘secrets’ that may well need busting wide open.

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6) Connecting With the Audience Can Be More Important Than the Tricks

Yes. 1000% yes.

I’m not sure that this even counts as a secret, but I’ll address it because it’s so important.

Have you ever watched a film that had spectacular special effects, dazzling visuals & incredibly realistic CGI, but found it completely forgettable?

That’s probably because you simply didn’t care about the characters. The filmmakers failed to create an emotional connection between you and their journey.

It’s the same with magic – if a magician is truly engaging, funny, charming as a performer, and who truly makes their audience care about what they’re doing, then it barely matters what the tricks themselves are.

Magic tricks can be impressive on their own, of course, but nothing beats a performer who is so enjoyable to watch that you don’t care what they do – you’ll love every second of it regardless.


7) They Hate Mobile Phones More Than Hecklers
This one I disagree with.
Phones are annoying, granted.
It’s hard to engage with someone whose attention is solely on their phone rather than watching you.
But a magician can easily ignore those people, as it’s rarely everyone on their phone at the same time. Most people put their phones away when you announce who you are and what you’re going to do.
There is a special place in hell reserved for those who insist on heckling, however, and there’s really no winning with one.
As soon as you turn any of your attention to them, regardless of how you choose to deal with them, they’ve received the attention they were looking for.
You can go one of two ways: either get the rest of the group you’re performing for to turn against them themselves, or bring the heckler back on your side so they (hopefully) shut up for the remainder of your performance.
8) They’re Not One-Size-Fits-All
Another point with which I agree!
Every magician has their own personality that they perform with.
You could have two magicians perform the same trick, one after the other, and experience two entirely different performances, with varying levels of energy, stories, & humour.
9) They’re Tired of the Dorky Stereotypes
Sometimes, but it’s definitely getting better.
I ask everyone I perform for the same question – ‘Have you ever seen a close-up magician before?’ and (if they say yes) ‘Did you like them?’
The vast majority of answers to the second question are ‘They were amazing/brilliant/awesome/insert complimentary adjective here!’
While it’s true that there some more, for lack of a better word, ‘cringe-inducing’ magicians out there who don’t do the rest of us any favours, every positive experience somebody has slowly shifts the stereotype more & more into obscurity.
10) They’ve Heard All Your Jokes Before
We really have.
Yes, even that one.
‘Can you make [name of person] disappear?’
‘Can you make me slimmer/better looking/richer?’
‘Hold onto your jewellery everyone!’
Magicians shouldn’t really moan about this (although we frequently do).
When someone makes a magic-related joke upon meeting a magician, they usually mean no harm at all and are just trying to engage with us.
After all, they’ve probably never met a magician before!
I make sure to never point out that I’ve heard any of these ‘jokes’ before, and always laugh along with them.
Maybe I’ll chuck in a ‘Oho! Very good sir, very good indeed!’ every so often.
I’ll tackle the final 7 next month. Until then!

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