Magician Myth-busting

Magician Myth-busting

I recently found an article entitled ’17 Secrets of Magicians’.

Most of them aren’t entirely true, so in the spirit of wanting the legacy of me and my fellow magicians entirely untarnished, I’m going to tackle every single one of these ‘secrets’ to uncover just how true they are really are.

I’m only doing the first five for now because 17 would result in a stupidly long post.

Here’s the article for reference:

1) They Don’t Go to Magic School
Okay, so this one is broadly true – there is no official ‘magic school’ that I know of. And if there is, I imagine I haven’t been invited because I’m already brilliant.
Most magicians have historically learnt their trade using books and/or mentors, and more recently from video tutorials.
There is also one individual in the country that I know of who is able to grant magicians with a PHD in magic, so there’s always that.
2) They Spend Thousands on Books

Although there are more than enough books to do so, I don’t know any magicians who have spent anywhere near this much money on magic books.

If they have, it’s either for the purpose of collecting them, or they are SERIOUS practitioners of the craft.

This should be ‘A few magicians have spent thousands on books’, rather than implying we all have unlimited money to throw at the bookshop owner’s face.


3) They Might Spend a Year Perfecting One Trick

This one’s tricky to argue with as it says they ‘might’ spend a year perfecting a trick.

Not that I need to argue with it, as certain tricks that are very sleight-of-hand intensive can take years, if not decades, for a magician to be happy with their level of performance of said trick.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve spent 8 hours a day on it, but rather have been actively ‘working’ on it for a long, long time.

Conversely, there are tricks that are ‘performance-ready’ after a day or so with it, so this one varies hugely depending on the trick & the magician performing it.


4) They Can Earn Thousands Per Gig

They certainly can!

Although most magicians are not earning this much at every gig, it’s very possible that with the right marketing, value perception, and being an absolute charmer on the phone, that a magician can convince a booker to pay them this much for a gig.

Of course, it depends entirely on who’s booking them and how much they’re prepared to spend in the first place.

And also whether or not they’re the Queen.


5) They Aren’t Allowed to Have Bad Days

Aren’t we?

I’ve been doing it wrong!

I get what this one is trying to say – that if we’re not feeling up for performing on a certain day for whatever reason, that the show must go on, as is often stated in showbiz.

While a magician should make every effort to ensure they’re on top form for every gig they’re being paid to perform at, at the same time, they shouldn’t force themselves to do so, especially if something has happened that will severely and negatively affect their state of mind.

I’m not sure that would do their mental health any favours!


That’s all for now – tune in next month for the next five ‘secrets’!

2 thoughts on “Magician Myth-busting

  1. James F Eubanks says:

    I was reading a book called, “Hiding the Elephant” when I thought that magicians were pretty creative and might have some valuable insights on life itself. So, I googled, “Life lessons from the Great Magicians” and your blog came up. I like it and am hoping that you will post the next five.

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