What Exactly is a Close Up Magician?

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What Exactly is a Close Up Magician?

A close-up magician is a magician who specialises in magic effects (tricks) that are best experienced ‘close-up’ by whomever’s watching.

These often involve coins, rings, elastic bands, banknotes, pens, and, of course, cards.


Better Than the Rest

Magic experienced close-up is, in my unsurprisingly biased opinion, the most enjoyable kind of magic.

While magic on stage and on television frequently looks spectacular, there’s always the underlying feeling that you aren’t seeing the full picture.

When you suspect something may be happening that you’re unaware of, the tricks you see being performed simply aren’t as mind-bending as they could be.


Right Up Close

With close-up magic, however, even if there are secret elements that aren’t supposed to be noticed, it still feels like you’re seeing and experiencing everything.

There usually aren’t many props involved – a few cards, a couple of elastic bands, a single coin and so on.

It also answers the question I get a lot: ‘Where’s all your stuff?’

This close-quarters environment removes the impression that there is a layer of theatre and production between you and the magic, so you’re literally a foot or two away from witnessing the occurrence of something genuinely impossible – there’s nothing to hide.


Here, Hold This!

Not just seeing, mind you, but directly engaging with the magic.

Close up magic often enables the magician to allow people watching to get involved with the magic by having objects appear, vanish, or inexplicably change in their own hands.

You can’t get much more magical than that!


It’s Not Just About the Magic

And often the most fun bit about close-up magic isn’t the even the tricks themselves, but the interaction between the magician and the audience.

No longer is the magician a stern-looking, hand-waving, overly-theatrical character on the screen or raised high above you on the stage.

They’re right in front of you – talking, laughing and enjoying every moment along with you.

Contrary to popular belief, we’re good fun to have around!

We are entertainers, after all; it’s what we do.

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