What Made You Want To Be A Close Up Magician?

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'What Made You Want to Become a Close Up Magician?'

‘What made you want to be a close up magician?’

The main thing that made me want to become a close up magician is that I’ve always had a fascination with magic.

While others would witness a miracle, laughing and clapping, before returning to whatever they were doing before, I couldn’t rest until I knew how it was done.

I had to know.

The feelings & emotions magic evokes is unlike any other.

There isn’t a lot of mystery in the average individual’s daily life.

Performing for people and seeing the look of absolute wonder and awe on their faces never gets old.

And being paid to do it is something I could never have even dreamt of.


There’s a Bigger Reason

As strange as it might seem, that isn’t what drove me to do it for a living in the first place.

To begin a career in something you haven’t done before, you have to leave what you are currently doing. Even if it’s bit-by-bit.

And what stopped me from leaving behind what I was doing before, to embark on this new journey, was fear and doubt.

‘I already have a job; I’d be an idiot to throw that away.’

‘I don’t know anywhere near enough to even begin.’

‘What if it doesn’t work and I end up doing something even worse than what I’m doing now?’

These thoughts became very familiar to me.

But one day, something happened.


I Don’t Know What Caused it

Perhaps something that had lain dormant for a long time had finally awoken. Or perhaps it was simply a particularly motivational word of wisdom that I came across.

Whatever had happened, the scales had finally and ever so slightly been tipped the other way.

I was sitting in the office, staring at my computer screen when I suddenly thought to myself ‘What the hell am I doing?’

Here I sat, surrounded by opportunity, while so many in the world have little to no choice as to what they do in their day-to-day lives.

I was willing each day, each hour, and each minute to arrive faster for two days of freedom before Sunday evening rolled around and the dread of the realisation that I’d have to endure another five days of something I didn’t care about in the slightest set in.

I wasn’t gaining any valuable skills or achieving any goals; not that I even had the ambition to set them.

I wanted to be anywhere else and doing anything else than where I was and what I was doing.

Here I sat, wondering what it would be like to actually try for more than I thought I was capable of, but settling for complacency due to of fear of the unknown.

Although performing is my true passion, it isn’t the incredible experiences magic provides which created the impetus to finally pursue it as a career.

It was simply the desire to improve my situation.

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