What Makes Close Up Magicians so Popular?

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What Makes Close Up Magicians so Popular?

It’s Unique

Most people are quite used to the ‘traditional’ forms of party or event entertainment – a band, a DJ, a face-painter, and so on.

Depending on the event, you can probably guess what types of entertainment might be there. And you can be quite sure what to expect from each type.

But is that what you want at a party or a wedding you’ve spent months planning? Something predictable?


It Goes Above and Beyond

Close-up magic has one huge advantage over the more conventional types of entertainment, and it’s this: most people have never seen a brilliant close-up magician before.

Sure, you’ve glanced over at one on TV once, or maybe you’ve been subjected to a 10-minute card ‘trick’ by your uncle that involved rows of cards and them constantly saying ‘wait a minute…’.

But have you ever had the pleasure of witnessing a genuinely mesmerising performance that left you utterly astounded?

If you have, you know exactly why close-up magic is as popular as it is.


It’s Impossible

Can you think of the last time you observed something happening that you simply couldn’t explain?

Something that, if a friend were to ask you what had just happened, you’d be lost for words as to how exactly it did happen?

This is the gift magic gives you. It’s a gift that no other form of entertainment can provide.

We’re so used to our day-to-day routines of life in the 21st century that few things are a mystery anymore. But nothing quite compares to that childlike feeling of wonder and awe.


It’s Available

So when you find out that there are people who are specially trained in supplying this unique and spellbinding experience for your friends and loved ones, it’s not surprising that you’re itching to see just what all the fuss is about.

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